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Avalon GameServers

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˙·٠•●★ AvalonCS.net | Community - Discord ★●•٠·˙
• 🧑‍💻 Active staff
• 🏅 Rewarding Level System
• 👥 Active Social and 💰 Gambling channels
• 💫 Games Giveaways
• ⚔️ Game servers

Boredom Bunker

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Need somewhere to enjoy and have fun chatting or playing games?Look NO FURTHER....Try out this discord server!
Its suitable for all the dudes out there,the server is suuuuuuupperrr fun where you can discuss about a TON of different topics,be it just games like Roblox,Minecraft or Football.Here,you can have access to daily giveaways and expressions to use! Trust me guys,even though this server is a bit new we have a lot of plans and we will grow together soon!Join us now!

The Sims Server

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Your friendly Sims server (mainly focused on Sims 4) but this is a general community where all gamers are welcome!

Influx Account Marketplace 💸

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Welcome to Influx Marketplace, your one-stop shop for all your gaming needs!

Whether you're looking to buy game accounts, virtual currency, or in-game items, we've got you covered. Our server is home to a vibrant community of gamers from all over the world, who are always willing to help each other out.

What we offer:
A wide variety of game accounts and virtual currency for sale
A knowledgeable and helpful community of gamers
Regular giveaways and contests

Why choose us?
We offer a money-back guarantee on all purchases
We are always available to answer your questions and provide support
Join us today and start buying!

We can't wait to meet you and help you with all your gaming needs.


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shadows server is a gaming server you can post your tiktoks,youtube,twitch cilps

The Grand Coven

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Hey there! The Grand Coven is an 18+ witchy themed server with a focus on creating a community for people to play games together and chat.

We have an optional verification that gives access to optional NSFW channels. It's currently a very VERY small server, but we're hoping to watch it grow and see the community being made in real time!


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Es gibt viele Discord Server in diesem Bereich. Doch warum solltest du ihn beitreten?
>Wir haben einen verlässlichen Support
>Ein simples und übersichtliches Server Design
>Jedes Spiel darf hier gespielt werden
>Gerechte Rechte
>Server Kritik ist willkommen

Joffee - Games, Social, Music & More!

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Joffee is a new community server with dozens of discord minigames to enjoy, a social hub, music & anime channels, movie nights, & more! Come join the fun and help grow our brand new community :) 💜

Pearl paradise ✨

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Anime talks ,gaming talks,became moderator and hangout with friends by inviting. Plz join my server.and free manga volumes.

Gaming Community

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🎮 Szukasz miejsca do rozmów o grach, nawiązywania nowych znajomości i zabawy? Dołącz do nas!

🎉 Dlaczego warto być częścią naszej społeczności?
🌐 Serwer dla pasjonatów gier z różnych platform i gatunków.
🎙️ Kanały głosowe, aby wspólnie grać i rozmawiać.
🎁 Konkursy i eventy z nagrodami.
👥 Przyjazna społeczność gotowa na przyjęcie nowych członków.
📢 Aktualności i ogłoszenia na bieżąco.

📜 Regulamin:
Przed dołączeniem, przeczytaj nasz regulamin na kanale regulamin.
Jeśli masz jakiekolwiek pytania, napisz do moderatorów lub adminów.

🤝 Czekamy na Ciebie z otwartymi ramionami! Dołącz i baw się razem z nami na serwerze Gaming Community!

bebez ☆

42 Members

we're a 13+ SFW cyber/horror themed discord server!
- safe space for all
- channels for kpop fans <3
- a server for making friends and playing games !

Coomer Island

33 Members

here, you should expect a similar experience to what you'd get at your local walmart, maybe slightly better

goofy ahh roblox server

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a goofy server for roblox players to communicate and play with. For example, "the strongest battleground"

Gamer City · Hangout · Chat · Talk · Play · And more!

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Welcome to Gamer City! We are a server where you can chat, hangout, discuss about upcoming games, and more! We have just started the server, and it is already very nice!
📜 | Your Benefits when you join the server:
Kind staff
Kind Members
So many channels to talk in!
Leveling system
and much more!

📂 | We try our best to be the kindest community hangout server, if you join, even for 1 minute, you will see how this server is perfect and probably you won't leave. 📂 |

✅ | Our Moderation Team is very experienced, meaning we only pick the best moderators.
Which have:
Experience, being familiar with the admin panel and MEE6, CarlBot.

I Expect You To Spy

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I expect you to spy is a vr escape room puzzle game with lots of 007 spy vibes. Based on the popular i expect you to die series, I expect you to die is a vr only rec room experience that starts off pretty bad but gets better in later missions. Missions release one by one, with the promise of 10 total missions upon release. The community is very friendly and active. And get your name in the credits if you join fast enough. Also there are rec room giveaways quite often. Sound intreasting? Join the server!


350 Members

Welcome to the D4RK CH3ATS server! 🎮🔧

In this server, we provide the top cheats for many online games.

For free!

Join our server and try the best cheats for tons of online games.

All cheats are approved by us before being uploaded, and we also take care of updating them and indicating if the cheat is safe and undetectable or not.

Like Fortnite, GTA, Valorant, CS2, Apex, Roblox, Warzone, and much more!


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Ha éppen egy gamer közösséget keresel? Itt a helyed!
Jelenleg van CS2 és LoL szobánk, de ha van másra is igény szívesen csinálunk több szobát.

Spooks in tf2

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Trying to find people to play tf2 with, Im a dedicated medic main btw


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We host black ops 2 zombie/multiplayer servers and minecraft servers come play!


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A fun an friendly server with free streaming in vc perk and streamlabs very low ristrictions and a cozy and chill place to hangout in!

drkzy-rust console edition

22 Members

ever go onto rust console edition and not have a team?
well if so find one here
people of all skill levels are welcome
from 0 hours - 10k hours literally anyone
(idk if anyone has more than 10k hours but your welcome to😉)