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Florial | Official

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・༻〈 florial 〉༺・
・༻〈 community focused discord with an indie game in development 〉༺・
♥ - our indie game in development
♥ - furry-centered server
♥ self-role channels + frequent updates
♥ community focused & many friends
♥ arcade bot section
♥ integrated, thoughtful discord
♥ on-hands staff team willing to ensure YOUR comfort
♥ vent & attend events

Furry Palace

49 Members

a server for sharing yiff, dm requests and make friends!

The Fur at the end of the Universe

46 Members

Step into "Fur at the End of the Universe," a captivating Discord server where the allure of affordable libations, captivating artwork, and engaging roleplay awaits. Within this enigmatic realm, friendly faces welcome all furries scalies and people just peeking into the community or wanting friends to share their creativity, immerse themselves in imaginative narratives, and enjoy a vibrant community that transcends the ordinary. The path that brought you here may be unknown, but the adventures and camaraderie that await are unmistakably inviting. Join us for a cosmic furry experience! And yes Vore is allowed (within reason)

Flashy Gays

Gay Members

This is a gay furry server for teens and furries! Enjoy!:3

Furry NSFW

10 Members

Small Community to Share some Pics

Floof Ranch

53 Members

🐾 Welcome to the Floof Ranch! 🐾

We're thrilled to have you join our furry community filled with fun, friends, and lots of floof! 🎉 At the Floof Ranch, we believe that everyone is welcome, no matter who you are or where you come from. 🌎 We're all about having a good time, making new friends, and embracing our inner animal spirits. 🐺🐾

Our server is a safe and inclusive space where you can be yourself without fear of judgment or discrimination. 🌈 We've got channels for everything from art and gaming to roleplaying and socializing, so there's always something to do and someone to talk to. 🎨🎮🦊 Whether you're a seasoned furry or just starting to explore the fandom, we're here to support you and help you find your place in the pack. 🤗 So come on in, make yourself at home, and let's get our floof on! 🐾🎉



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PurpleSmart is a community of AI developers and AI fans working on cool tech powered by ponies: AI art generators, chatbots, text to speech, etc.

We build image generation models like Pony Diffusion (https://civitai.com/models/95367/pony-diffusion-v5).

Join us for access to free Stable Diffusion bot which allows you to create high quality pony, furry and other "cartoon" images, both SFW and NSFW and check out https://purplesmart.ai/ for examples of our work.

Mutatio [Furry/Tg/Tf]

552 Members


A Discord server about furries, transformations and Roleplay !

We have :

✦ Chill community

✦ Open minded staff

✦ NSFW side

✦ Roleplay requests

✦ Protection from raiders

✦ Auto posting reddit feeds

Feel free to join us !
*Age verification is needed to have access to the NSFW side

The Fuzzy Universe [Furry]

13 Members

Welcome to The Fuzzy Universe!
[❤️] LGBTQ+ Friendly!
[🧡] Cuddles
[💛] Media Section
[💚] Economy

FluffDen -

yes Members

Welcome to FluffDen! A safe and welcoming environments for furs and non furs alike!