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STW Helpers

350+ Members

Welcome to STW Helpers!
We are a dedicated server focused on helping you with all of STW needs!

What are we offering?
🤝 Mission help
💱 Trading
⚒️ Builders

Service we provide:
🚕 Taxi - Fast and FREE taxi for your venture needs
🛡️ Middle man - say goodbye to scammers!
🧭 Sherpas - ready for a carry?

Gaming Grove

1 Members

Welcome to GamingGrove - Fortnite Save the World!

Server Purpose:

GamingGrove is a community for Fortnite Save the World enthusiasts to connect, play together, and discuss all things related to the game.
Server Rules:

Respect and Be Kind

Treat all members with respect and kindness.
No hate speech, discrimination, or harassment.
Stay On-Topic

Keep discussions related to Fortnite Save the World and gaming.
Use appropriate channels for specific topics.
No Spam or Self-Promotion

Avoid spamming the chat or self-promotion outside designated channels.
Keep it PG-13

Be mindful of language and content; we have younger members.
No Cheating or Scamming

Cheating and scamming are strictly prohibited.
Report suspicious activity to the moderators.
Use Descriptive Channel Names

Create clear and relevant titles for discussions and posts.
No Personal Information

Protect your privacy; don't share personal information.
Do not distribute others' personal information without consent.
Respect Privacy

Respect the privacy of all members.
Moderator Decisions

Follow instructions from moderators and administrators.
Resolve disputes privately with moderation assistance if needed.
No Spoilers

Use spoiler tags for spoilers.
Trading Guidelines

Trade in designated channels and follow established rules.
Language Channels

Use the appropriate language channels for your preferred language.
Reporting Issues

Report problem

Exotic FN

120 Members

This is a fun and active fortnite team

Team Lunarity

10 Members

Hi everyone. Lunarity is a fortnite esport team looking to grow. we need many people for different things
#1 Creative warior
#2 streamer
#3 Comp
#5 Content creation.
If you do join you get a shoutout for any socials you want You get your very own editor(in the future) and you participate in daily scrims once we grow. So what are you wwaiting for join lunarity today..

Fortnite Tokens&dr 💯🆙

207 Members

do you want a challange in fortnite and wanna make money? join our discord server where we have wagers dice rolls and just overall fun!! I hope to see you there 🙂


5 Members

If you are a horny cum addicted girl that looking for a permanent master for sexting and RP you are in the right place. I love objectify females and use them like fuck meat to pleasure myself, degrade them and make them cum over and over.
Take your roles, introduce yourself and I will assign Verification role manually to access the whole server.
Guys will get ban, no exception.

Server van Nurettin

1 Members

If you play fortnite and you want to join a server this one is the one you need to join even if you play roblox beacause i have a roblox channel in my server for the People that plays roblox even if you dont play games still join my server😁

Cheesey rat

108685 Members

Hi we are a Fortnite Creative server we Giveaway Unreleased props that have not yet been added to creative, Currently we are looking for new moderators i hope you would like to join and if so see you there.

ST Clan

1 Members

fortnite clan server with tryouts/not

Team Affair | LF Boost 🚀

408 Members


▬▬▬▬▬▬ Introducing Team Affair ▬▬▬▬▬▬
Est. 2022

About “AR”

‣ Team Affair is an upcoming Esports team with incredible individuals putting all of their effort into this team, looking to be the best in this community.

What we offer:

‣ Discord - Friendly Community.

‣Friendly, active community.

‣FREE GFX & VFX to Team Members.

‣Promotion through socials.

‣Introduction Videos and TeamTages.

‣Many opportunities for grinders to join.

What we are looking for

- Trickshotters, Comp, creative, and content players

- FX artists

- Server Boosters/ Investors

- Experienced , Active Mods & Management

- Investors

- Friendly community and grinders

Join up and we’ll see you there 😏

Clone MP Rewards

16 Members

We offer Free Fortnite Rewards by just inviting your friends. You can also trade and sell your digital goods on this server.