Servers for chill


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This server will help you when you are bored. Friendly mods/you can be a mod too if your lucky! Help me/Us grow are channel

𝔠𝔬𝔱𝔱𝔞𝔤𝔢𝔠𝔬𝔯𝔢 *ೃ༄

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chat, chill out, join if you want to meet new people, talk or if you’re bored! I’m trying to grow my server, so even you can help me :3

Beach house

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Why you should join our server! *:・゚✧🏝

(♡︎♥︎): The owners are always online! 🏝

(♡︎♥︎): We are very fun! 🌊

(♡︎♥︎): our goal is 50 members! 🩴

(♥︎♡︎): You have to verify to unlock all channels! ⛱

(♥︎♡︎): We go on Vc alot! 🐚

(♥︎♡︎): We aren't strict! 💦

JOIN NOW (•Ì€á´—•Ì)و 🐚


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Jsme zatí malá "komunita" která se skládá hlavně z lgbt komunity.
Ale vítáme všechny lidi z jakýkoliv komunit.
Budeme moc rádi když se připojíš.
Přeju hezky dennn<333

FluffDen -

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Welcome to FluffDen! A safe and welcoming environments for furs and non furs alike!

The Everything Hangout

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Hey there!
This is The Everything Hangout! It's a small server, but we hope to become known and make and awesome community of people!
We have cool stuff like:
❗ Active Owner
😎 Cool & supportive people
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Friendly
☑️ Reaction roles
🔐 Raid Protection
🤖 Awesome bots
😄 And a whole bunch of channels to mess around in!
We would highly appreciate if you boost the server, too!
So hop on in, and join a community of everything!

wsg clan

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We play Roblox
We play criminality and combat warriors
and you can suggest what game we play next
We have welcoming staff
You can appeal with staff in the staff appeal
I hope you join
See you there!


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Chilling server op and quite party