Servers for Youtube

🔥The HomeLander🔥

370 Members

This The Best Server The HomeLander Community Is Youtube Community You Can Upload Your Videos Self Advertise And Etc.

The Bee Hive

27 Members

We're a community of people in support of my youtube channel, roblox game, an to help save the bees! We're a chill community that loves to talk to new people and are very open to everyone new that joins!


1 Members

My offical discord server! Mostly Fortnite but occasionally I'll play fall guys. Check out my YouTube channel, p0wer, and use code p0wer in the item shop


22 Members

This is my server! This server is mainly for you to talk with people! I also have this Discord server for my YouTube channel and twitch channel!

Otaku Agency~| anime yt advertising and hangout

14 Members

Hey welcome to the otaku agency,this is a community,anime and advertising server, where you can not only hang out with others but also advertise your youtube content (No nsfw) while also having fun. For more info join the server!