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Multiverse Mania

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Welcome to Multiverse Mania, a roleplay server where all sorts of Original Characters are welcome! On entry, you'll notice that we have a verification system related to the rules; what you need to do there is essentially tell me what some of the rules mean.

TheRookie Roleplay In BETA

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Looking for a new FiveM server to be apart of? Well we got the community for you! The Rookie Roleplay Community is actively hiring for all departments including San Andreas State Troopers, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, San Andreas Fire Department and San Andreas Department of Transportation. The Rookie Roleplay strives to keep a realistic roleplay experience for all players and has a friendly staff team that work as a team to make the community a better place for all players. To enhance roleplay for civilians and the departmental staff of the Rookie Roleplay, we have implemented qbcore into the server to make it even more realistic and offers players the ability to do jobs to make money and even rob banks, create and sell drugs and much more!

United Gamer Federation

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__**Est. 04/11/2021**
*Org. 06/12/2020*__

Welcome to the United Gamer Federation, home to Discord Military Roleplay and Worldbuilding.

We are a military roleplay server. When you first join you'll start off as a Private in our Military, by being active, communicating with others, and taking part in Digital Live Action Roleplay, you should find yourself being promoted and climbing the ranks, once you do so, command post opportunities will open up.

We also offer the following:

┏100+ channels
┣100+ roles
┣Fair and lax rules
┣Organized server
┣Friendly staff
┣Leveling system
┣LGBTQ+ Friendly and inclusive
┣Secured server
┣Free VC’s
┣Boosted server
┣Military and Worldbuilding Lore
┗Server Invite: https://www.discord.gg/pJCGBARVm3

Why don't you join us?

Far, Far Away ˚|˚ 16+ WCRP

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─── ⋆⋅ ⋆ ★ __**FAR, FAR AWAY**__ ★ ⋆ ⋅⋆ ──
★ *A 16+ Warrior Cats Roleplay server!*

» ***"Wow. This place is something else. Where are we, Vapour?"***
» ***"...Faraway, Fen. __Far, far away__.''***

★ Far, Far Away is a brand new warrior cats roleplay server, with unique elements such as Starclan Guardians and a unique, interesting leader naming system!

❗ We are a 16+ server- please try to respect that! If you are found out to be under this age you will unfortunately be kicked until you can rejoin :( This rule may change in the future, but for now it is set in stone.
🤠 Friendly, interactive and welcoming staff - and owner! :)
🌈 We are an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory server!
🐱 Follow Fenclan, the wetlands-dwelling, expressive, fiesty and charismatic felines, or maybe even join the ranks of the elusive, graceful and reserved Vapourclan, who live among the mountainous forests.
🐊 Set in North America, you may encounter wildlife such as alligators, grizzly bears, coyotes, mountain goats, otters, porcupines and many more!
🐮 ...Or, perhaps the life of a farm cat is more your style?
👀 Staff are always open to listening to suggestions for the server - in fact we welcome it!
🌟 There is one last high rank position, Fenclan's deputy, open for tryouts!

★ And much more! We're so excited to have you, and we hope that you enjoy your time with us here at F,FA!


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We have NSFW, Roleplay, Bots, AI, and games, all in the roles channel, we are fun abd we hope to expand beyond our borders to you, have fun!

Retold Universe: Ragnarök

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This world is not much different from our own:
Its modern-day Vegas and people with superpowers are starting to arise, Magic is being exposed, experiments are going wrong, and some people's biology are just different granting abilities

Be a hero, be a villain, be some random guy who has no powers just trying to make his way into a world where heroes are rising

It's your choice, in this Retelling of the Universe as we know it.....

At least that's what it was 30 years go, during the Ragnarök event The heroes and Gods were slain by The Giants, The Armies of Hel, Loki and his children, The Titans of Old, and many others, now everyone is under the rule of Giants here in Nevada. Will the descendants of everyone team up and defeat the threat, or continue to live in fear?