Servers for Community-

The Everything Hangout

22 Members

Hey there!
This is The Everything Hangout! It's a small server, but we hope to become known and make and awesome community of people!
We have cool stuff like:
❗ Active Owner
😎 Cool & supportive people
🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ Friendly
☑️ Reaction roles
🔐 Raid Protection
🤖 Awesome bots
😄 And a whole bunch of channels to mess around in!
We would highly appreciate if you boost the server, too!
So hop on in, and join a community of everything!

-TCOTAE- The Community of Trail and Era.

59 Members

🌴 Welcome! What do we offer you?
• Active staff
• Giveaways
• Art
• Voice & text channels


12 Members

🎮 Elysium Society 🎮

Elysium society is a gaming/anime community based in South Africa, people are welcome to join if over the age of 14 and will follow the discord TOS.

Have a nice day.


186 Members

Community, Events, Memes, News.
We've got all except minorities! (Joke)

The Cut

36 Members

Join The Cut now, future game nights, content, and dope community in the making. You won't regret joining The Cut! 💯

Be Who You Are (BWYA)

38 Members

Owner: iiivysore
Welcome Everyone To )Be Who You Are(

this server is a community server we come here to chill listen to music, make music and etc, we are semi toxic but half the times we chill or be playing around is someone talks about you there joking but if the there tell me. We only have 36 members right now we are trying to grow so we can be the next big server ❤️

Vibe In station

416 Members

Vibe in station Has all the interesting channels,games and all the top popular bots! Looking for active members and staff, fell free to join :)