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Avicii Nation

30 Members

Avicii Nation is a discord server for fans of Avicii to talk with each other! We have specific channels for Leaks, Livesets, channel about the new museum that recently opened called Avicii Experience and much more!

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Deofate is a community server and it got art channel counting and more

US government server

98 Members


This is a rp server where you can be the president of any country you want,

This is what you can do in the rp server including:

- President/Vice President of the United States
- Cabinet
- Supreme Court of the United States
- United States House of Representatives/Senate
- Governor
United nation Secretary general
NATO Secretary of general
Or you can make a company
You can even be the prime minister or a president of another foreign country

Chill Corner

26 Members

This is a one of a life time opportunity to make friends and even promote your discord servers!

What we do:

Advertising: advertise your discord server in the partners channel

Gaming: game with people and find people who like the same games as you

Just chatting: if you just want to go make friends our server is the best there is so don’t miss out on this opportunity

🍬Candy Land🍫

24 Members

Very Nice Server
SFW Server
Simple Server

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18 Members

This is a server about Mango's
We play roblox sword fighting game and other games as well
U can talk about anime and other staff's
I would appreciate it if u join :)

Retold Universe: Ragnarök

12 Members

This world is not much different from our own:
Its modern-day Vegas and people with superpowers are starting to arise, Magic is being exposed, experiments are going wrong, and some people's biology are just different granting abilities

Be a hero, be a villain, be some random guy who has no powers just trying to make his way into a world where heroes are rising

It's your choice, in this Retelling of the Universe as we know it.....

At least that's what it was 30 years go, during the Ragnarök event The heroes and Gods were slain by The Giants, The Armies of Hel, Loki and his children, The Titans of Old, and many others, now everyone is under the rule of Giants here in Nevada. Will the descendants of everyone team up and defeat the threat, or continue to live in fear?

Anime State

16 Members

Anime State is a discord server dedicated to bringing together people who love anime and manga. Come, be part of a community where you’re surrounded by people who have similar interest as you!

Storm`s World

14 Members

▬▬▬◢◤ What We Have! ◢◤▬▬▬

★ No NSFW!
★ We Have Good Staff!
★ Mod, Admin And AP (Art Poster) Appeals!
★ Fun Giveaways!
★ Partnerships! (Requirements in server)
★ Advertisement channel for those who want to advertise their own things!
★ Funny Games In The Server Like Yui And Dank Memer!
★ Music Bots for those who likes to listen to music!
★ Feedback On Your Own Songs!
★ Level Bot that give you roles when you get higher and higher in rank!