United Gamer Federation

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__**Est. 04/11/2021**
*Org. 06/12/2020*__

Welcome to the United Gamer Federation, home to Discord Military Roleplay and Worldbuilding.

We are a military roleplay server. When you first join you'll start off as a Private in our Military, by being active, communicating with others, and taking part in Digital Live Action Roleplay, you should find yourself being promoted and climbing the ranks, once you do so, command post opportunities will open up.

We also offer the following:

┏100+ channels
┣100+ roles
┣Fair and lax rules
┣Organized server
┣Friendly staff
┣Leveling system
┣LGBTQ+ Friendly and inclusive
┣Secured server
┣Free VC’s
┣Boosted server
┣Military and Worldbuilding Lore
┗Server Invite: https://www.discord.gg/pJCGBARVm3

Why don't you join us?