Far, Far Away ˚|˚ 16+ WCRP

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─── ⋆⋅ ⋆ ★ __**FAR, FAR AWAY**__ ★ ⋆ ⋅⋆ ──
★ *A 16+ Warrior Cats Roleplay server!*

» ***"Wow. This place is something else. Where are we, Vapour?"***
» ***"...Faraway, Fen. __Far, far away__.''***

★ Far, Far Away is a brand new warrior cats roleplay server, with unique elements such as Starclan Guardians and a unique, interesting leader naming system!

❗ We are a 16+ server- please try to respect that! If you are found out to be under this age you will unfortunately be kicked until you can rejoin :( This rule may change in the future, but for now it is set in stone.
🤠 Friendly, interactive and welcoming staff - and owner! :)
🌈 We are an all-inclusive, non-discriminatory server!
🐱 Follow Fenclan, the wetlands-dwelling, expressive, fiesty and charismatic felines, or maybe even join the ranks of the elusive, graceful and reserved Vapourclan, who live among the mountainous forests.
🐊 Set in North America, you may encounter wildlife such as alligators, grizzly bears, coyotes, mountain goats, otters, porcupines and many more!
🐮 ...Or, perhaps the life of a farm cat is more your style?
👀 Staff are always open to listening to suggestions for the server - in fact we welcome it!
🌟 There is one last high rank position, Fenclan's deputy, open for tryouts!

★ And much more! We're so excited to have you, and we hope that you enjoy your time with us here at F,FA!